Post Ops for the Things that Defile

It is a battle. A daily onslaught of thoughts, choices, decisions, actions, and feelings. A battle stemming over the past, present and future. Physically, some have it rough in this battle called life; spiritually, we never see all the conflicts and battles that rage in the hearts and minds of others, but are constantly aware of ours. Early in the study for the things that defile, I cried out to God to show me how to combat these, and He gave a solution in simplicity. Love God. Love People.

In my divine training, God showed me the man in the mirror, and said, “Here lies your biggest challenge. Conquer him. Prepare him.” The following Sunday our pastor preached on Mark 7, the things that defile. God placed this study on my heart.

I came home and worked on these, making a list in order of the things I felt I needed to focus on. It wasn’t until I studied each one in depth, preparing each to be published, that I discovered there is no list in descending order. All are number one in this battle. All are snares, patiently waiting for us.

At the end of the study, I took the list and arranged them in a battle format, with their opposites as I was shown in the studies. I ask you to do the same.

The Battle

Our Warfare

Jesus’ Solution

Evil Thoughts Good Thoughts Love God. Love People.
Adulteries, Fornications, Lasciviousness Purity, Agape Love Love God. Love People.
Murders (Dashing someone to pieces) Protecting the Heart of others Love God. Love People.
Thefts Praising God Love God. Love People.
Covetousness Charity Love God. Love People.
Wickedness Honoring God Love God. Love People.
Deceit Believe what is True Love God. Love People.
Evil Eye Acceptance and Happiness for others Love God. Love People.
Pride Humility Love God. Love People.
Blasphemy Love for God Love God. Love People.
Foolishness Sacrificing ourselves Love God. Love People.

As foolishness has taught me, we do not need to seclude ourselves, fighting the battle alone. We have someone who is able, to save, to the uttermost! In his name, in the name of Jesus Christ, we can defeat these. We have each other for support and to support in Christian love, the Love of Jesus. We have the promise, where two or three are gathered, He will be in the midst of us.

As others shared in their posts and conversations, Love is not always a warm fuzzy, or even a confused lustful feeling. Love is also actions. Love is getting dirty. Love is getting in the pits helping others to get out. Love is also accepting to be loved by others, being hugged. (Ugh!) Love is a supreme being coming to earth as a helpless baby, growing up, facing the challenges of this life, taking a beating, being nailed to a cross, then being raised from the dead. But not only being raised from the dead, and disappearing, but coming back to the ones He loved, to show them, it’s okay, I am alive, and I will be with you always! The Savior of the World! Love has no bounds, has no ends.

Will we always win this battle? The reality is, we will die daily to the things that defile, but with each, Yom Chadash (Hebrew for new day), we will put on our helmets, breastplates, belts, shields, boots, the amour of light, looking for the Hope of our Salvation. The Salvation from myself. Amen.


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