A Sweet Witnessing Experience (עֵד / עֵדהֵ)

“A faithful witness will not lie. A true witness delivers souls.”  Proverbs 14:5,25

 God is so confounding with surprise and wonder, that I never know what to expect, especially when it comes to talking with other people about their eternal destination. In my mind, I make preparations, what people will say, or how they will react.  I contemplate and pray about how to respond, yet when the time comes to be a witness, I find myself still being Divinely trained.

What does it mean to be a witness? A witness gives testimony, the attestation of a fact of event, which furnishes evidence or proof.  It is in my experiences, faith and hope with a living God, that I share with others.  I speak what I know, have seen, felt, and experienced.  This does not mean I need to be astute in the scriptures to share my faith.  (Yes, the enemy has tried to make me feel inept with that one.)

Before I share a sweet experience I had, I want to study a little more about the origin of the word witness. I adore learning words in the Hebrew language, because the language itself sometimes describes a word in a way that gives a visual.  In Hebrew the word is  עֵד (eda) or עֵדהֵ (edah), meaning witness, evidence, and testimony. In primitive pictorial Hebrew the first letter the ayin literally means to see and was drawn as an eye, and means seeing, insight, perception.  The second letter is the daleth (דֶלֶת) and was drawn as a door. The word means a door (of a tent), gate, portal or entrance.  The third letter spelling of the word witness, ends with the hei spelled two ways, הא, which means Lo! or Behold! The other is הי, meaning “here it is.”

Moses would have written the word witness as:


An interesting Hebrew study technique I learned was to rearrange the letters, which in pictorial Hebrew makes sense how the scrambled words would share a relationship. This does not always work, but at times I find some interesting relationships. In the table I am providing the translation or definition of the modern and pictorial Hebrew word.  Words highlighted in red are used in the KJV version of the Bible.


Not expressly stated in the word witness, but there is an assumption that a witness speaks of truth, or their perception of truth. What they saw, felt, and experienced.  Behold! Here it is!  The word witness also is used for a gathering of people.  When there is an accusation of sin, there should be two, three or more witnesses as addressed in Deut 19:15, but what about being a witness for Christ?  Should it be one, two, three or more witnesses?

From my personal experience, I believe John addresses this in 1 John 5: 6-8.

“…And it is the Spirit that bears witness, because the Spirit is truth.” “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”  “For there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood, and these three agree in one.” 

Being a witness for Christ is not so much what you say, and actually, I still have not figured out my part. The Spirit draws the sinner, the Spirit and the Word convict them, and God saves them.  I believe we are medics on a battlefield, administering the Gospel of Peace.  We are lifting up the knowledge of the mystery of the Gospel, we are sharing a knowledge about God, who lives inside of us. We are telling others, “Here He is!”

Everything else is up to God, and now my personal experience. A cherished, sweet salvation experience of a thirteen year old girl, and I never saw it coming.  Case in point, we do not know what goes on inside of someone.

I can only image how sweet it is for each person who comes to Christ, for we are told all of heaven rejoices over one. At the time of this writing, I have had the privilege to lead nine people to Christ, and planted many seeds or helped many with assurance of salvation.  Number nine will have a special place in my heart, for it was a proof we never know what is going on inside of someone.

In one witnessing event, two girls came up to the booth out of curiosity. After this occasion was over, I now see how God’s hand was in this all along, and how he had prepared me for this special occasion.  These two girls were meant for me to witness to.  As I walked them through the booth, I came to the point of asking a very serious question.  “If by some tragic accident, you left here, and died tonight, standing before God, would He let you into heaven?  Are you 50%, 75%, 100% sure he would let you in?”

Both girls replied, 50%. Based on how a person responded to the doors, I may ask a follow-up question, to see if the person understands salvation and is having a crisis of doubt.  “If you had walked up to me, and I was on the ground dying. I had five minutes to live.  I had never heard the gospel, what would you tell me I needed to do to get to heaven?”  They both replied, “repent, and ask Jesus,… accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.”  Depending on how someone answers this question, or how the Spirit leads, I will ask them, “Would you like to be 100% sure, but not what I say, what God’s word says?”

We sit down at a table, I take a Bible and say, “I believe this is God’s word, I believe everything inside is true. Do you know what an acronym is?”

Puzzled, both girls say an extending and questioning “Noooo?”

“An acronym is a word where the letters stand for other words. Have you heard of the SAT test?  Standard, Aptitude, Test.”  They both understand, so I continue.

“The Bible, in English, is an acronym. It stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”  This book tells us how to get to heaven.

In prayer times with God, He had instructed me on witnessing. One method is to ask the person questions, let them consider things in their own heart.  I opened up the scriptures for them, some familiar and comfortable scriptures for them to read out loud or quietly to themselves.  At this point, I am trying to take myself out of the picture as much as possible, allowing God and His Word to speak to their hearts.

I open up the following scriptures: Ro 3:23, Ro 6:23, Rev 21:14, Ps 11:6, Ro 9:8-10, 13, Jn 3:16-17.  With Jn 3:18, I ask them to replace the word “He” with their name.  At the end of each verse, I ask them questions, what does the verse mean to them.  What did they understand.

I reemphasize the core path to salvation. We are all sinners, because we have sinned, our penalty is death.  If we die without Christ, the second penalty is a second death in a lake of fire.  Jesus took our sins upon Him, past, present and future.  If we believe in Him, accept Him as our Lord and Savior, accept His Gift of Eternal Life, He will save us.

I ask both girls if they had accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They both said , “Yes”.  I then asked if they had been baptized, again, they both said, “Yes.”  In my short time in doing this it is not uncommon to see young and maybe old say they are only 50% for they did something bad.  I question, “If Jesus lives inside of you, why would you say only 50%?”

The Hispanic girl responded, “Well, I have done some bad things recently.” I prod the other girl, who mentions something similar.  At this point, I, and I stress “I”, I change to a message of assurance.  I want to strongly emphasis, “I cannot see inside the heart of someone.”  Over and over I have been reminded of this.  As I am learning, we are all messes on the inside.  We all have our struggles.  This night, I was to get another amazing lesson from God.

As I concluded our talk, I ask if I can pray with them. They agree, so I tell them what I will pray for, so they are not surprised.  I will ask God to remove the doubt of their salvation.  I will pray that they share the Light of Jesus who lives inside of them.  I will conclude with a general blessing over their lives.  But that’s not all.

In my personal prayer time earlier that day, I was asking God about the sinner’s prayer. I struggle with some of the words, especially leading someone to say, “Thank you for saving my soul.”  How can I lead someone to say this, when I do not know if it happened?  It is between God and the individual.  I got an answer to this prayer.  I was instructed to give a pause during the prayer.  This would be a time for them and God to speak one on one.  I really liked this answer, for it takes me out of the picture and makes it more about God and the person.

I tell the girls that during the prayer I will pause, but I don’t know for how long, the Spirit will prompt me.  This is a time for them to pray; however, they can also pray while I am praying.  After I prayed there is the expected pause.  I do not remember how long the pause was, but I then got prompted by the Spirit to bless God.  I conclude the prayer with a blessing for God.  I thank Him for this opportunity and for the two girls whom I shared His Word.

At the time I thought it a nice ending to the prayer, but when I said “in Jesus Name, Amen.” The song over the speakers hit a chorus singing “Hallelujah Amen.”  Internally I smiled and thought, what a nice way to end this prayer, but there was more in store.

At the conclusion of each session, we ask the person(s) to fill out a card. Basic information, name, address, phone, church affiliation.  The purpose of the card is for us to send it to a local church in their area who will contact them.  If a person has a church, it’s just filed in our records.  We ask the person to write what they experienced on the back of the card.

As they start to fill out the back, I catch a glimpse of what the Hispanic girl wrote, “I got saved…” I immediately dropped my head, my eyes closed. I wanted to burst out in joy.  I recalled after the prayer, when I looked at her, there was a joyous expression on her face, but I was not sure why…

I thanked them for stopping by, for listening to me, and if I did not see them again, I would see them in heaven. They left.  I waited, then turned her card over to read the remainder.  I realized God had prepared me earlier in the day for this moment.  Hallelu-Jah!

I got saved. God told me, “you are saved my child.  I love you no matter what.”  I also saw an image, but I am not sure what it was.  It looked like a book, but I couldn’t really see it.  

This is what being a witness is all about. The saving of souls for eternity.  God allows us to experience His Love for others and me.  As a witness, I can only speak of what I see, my saving knowledge of God.  I lift up Him and warn others about the penalty of sin.  Beyond this is a matter between God and the individual.  What an amazing God we serve!

Witness:  Behold the insight into the doorway of the knowledge of God.   Here it is!

“But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven..” Mt 6:20



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